Friday, June 1, 2012

Secrets For How To Do Email Marketing Successfully

For those online marketers seeking the answers for how to do email marketing successfully they should be aware of and undertake to utilise two very important secrets. It is possible to send an email and then watch as sales for the product you recommend materialise. Yet this result does not happen immediately, but only after a period of time having undertaken the required work.

Beginners think that they have found the easy answer for how to make money online by attracting prospects onto their email list then bombarding them with what can seem like relentless sales messages. This is not what to do if you wish to create an online business that is built on solid foundations. Your email list is not there to be fleeced as you will quickly see many members unsubscribe. You have to take the time and build a relationship with them, provide the help and information they have shown an interest in and ultimately, adhere to the two secrets for how to do email marketing successfully.

The first secret is that you must acknowledge that people read to both learn and be educated plus also to be entertained. They do not open a book,  a magazine, a blog post, article, review, eBook or whatever to spend their time being bored rigid. Therefore do not write your emails in a style that will have the effect of doing just that. So what is the style of writing best suited to emails that will engage the reader? Imagine having a conversation with one other person. In fact, that person should be your profile target person that you should have at the centre of all your marketing. They are the person with the typical characteristics within your niche market. So you should know how to speak with them if you met them face to face and just imagine the same scenario when you are writing your emails to your email list members.

Should be in a chatty style, engage their interest, make the content useful and valuable and most of all ensure that with each email sent they will derive enough satisfaction out of the content to look out for the next one. Then watch your open rates for your emails steadily improve. Remember, their email box might be crammed full of emails, you have to fight to ensure yours will be one of those not automatically put in the trash, but actually looked out for, opened, read and the action you recommend be taken.

The second secret is always ensuring that your content and any recommendations that the email contains is ethical. To build a loyal following online requires trust and as your emails will be one of the primary points of contact with your members, you need to show that you can be trusted. You won't bombard them with lots of emails, you won't keep trying to flog anything to make a fast buck, but you will show that you have their best interests at heart.

So if you stick to the two secrets for how to do email marketing successfully you will ensure that not only will your email members stay on your list longer, but the open rates will be higher and the number taking the action you recommend will also be high. Isn't that what every online marketer is trying to achieve?

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